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The Azbil-Yamatake-SES60 is an intelligent seismic sensor which measures the SI or Spectrum Intensity value, this value correlates strongly with the amount of damage done to buildings and structures during an earthquake. (Click here for more information and data sheet)


After almost 12 years of experience in Oil and Gas including design to operation, we decided to consolidate our practical skills and extend our support and service directly to the enormous Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. The Advance Instrumentation and Control Corporation, known as ICS-Group in the market, is a corporation of industrial automation engineers and process specialists between 5 and 15 years of experience in the wide variety of industries. According to the status of the projects the company acquires more experts and employs its international connections and firms in Germany, Italy, China and Iran.

utilizing the knowledge of a wide variety of local and international projects executed in different areas, currently ICS-Group is able to recognize the project requirements and shortages in order to resolve different types of problems immediately and provide solutions for them. This is why our range of services is classified to cover most of the demands of the projects. Staying in touch with famous multinational companies like Pepperl+Fuchs, Hollysys, Beka, Sensys and Pilz, enables us to carry out consultant activities and provide the most suitable solutions for each project.

One of the most important aspects of a project is the preliminary engineering stage and proper feasiblity study as starting point. Basic and Detailed Engineering can be carried out by our expert team who already have on-site experience and can forecast and consider any extra parameters applicable to each project.

According to customer requirements and approved project specifications in the engineering stage, the most effective and applicable solutions can be proposed by ICS-Group. System Architecture uses the state of the art technologies will guarantee performance and reliability by vendors. DCS, ESD and F&G systems and components will be choosen from well known manufacturers. Operators can monitor the status of plant operations and may control the process parameters automatically or manually to achieve the best quality results.

Both eExecuting the projects and afterward, spare parts urgently required to assure continued 24/7 operations. What may be purchased as 2-year spare parts in a project, are always used during the commissioning and start up. Before it gets too late we have to restore the shortages from reliable sources. Our reliable sources and vendors can help out the issue.

And finally we believe that performance can be achieved mainly by professional teamwork and once we start from the correct point, success is never far awayr. While we don't need to reinvent the wheel, we can instead learn from the experience of other companies and improve upon their concepts. Unpredictable issues should be recognized at the earliest possible stage and suitable solutions should be implemented immediately, you never need to worry, we are always here at your service.